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Native Americans Essay - 870 Words

Native Americans culture is unique for many ways. Living on the reservations they were in touch with nature as well as their ancestors. Native Americans are disputed in the country, diverse among tribes, culturally mixed, and recognize their own political stands (Bordewich, 1996, p. 71). These have changed over the years, but before the reconstruction of the Native Americans the people were identifiable and knew who they were. Before the Europeans came and changed their living they felt one with the land. They believe the land was not to be owned by anyone. The Wakon’da, a god, who in there words related to all things, made the land. Also, they expressed their feelings for nature as in peace confidence. Before the ‘whites’ took over the†¦show more content†¦6-8). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Native American movements have helped, but put them in a deviant stage. Even though the Native Americans see them as spiritual and done for respect the majority see it as a protest and them wanting to go to war. There have been many movements: Revitalization movement, Handsome Lake movement, Ghost Dance movement, and the Red Power movement. Even though all of the movements are important the Ghost Dance was one of the most significant to the Native America. There were two Ghost Dance movements the second was much larger. Not only did it involve the West Coast tribes, but also the Great Basin tribes. By the second movement it had gone farther east to the Plain tribes. This movement was to show how sick the Native Americans were getting by the way they were being treated. They directed the movement towards the white leaders. It blamed the European invasion and the Americans for the miserable state of affairs on the reservations and for the destruction of traditi onal Native Americans living (Nagel, 1996, p.159). This movement ended in a massacre at Wounded Knee killing several hundred men, women, and children (Simo, 1991, P. 24). Native Americans tried to step outside the boundaries of the white Americans or the majority of the nation of the time, to make them go around the nations rules.Show MoreRelatedNative American And Native Americans1137 Words   |  5 PagesNative American Displacement Long ago on the great plains, the buffalo roamed and the Native Americans lived amongst each other. They were able to move freely across the lands until the white men came and concentrated them into certain areas. Today there are more than five-hundred different tribes with different beliefs and history. Native Americans still face problems about the horrific history they went through and today s discrimination. The removal of American Indian tribes is one of theRead MoreNative American And Native Americans1221 Words   |  5 Pages1607, the Native Americans have been treated poorly by the Europeans. The settlers came and stripped the Natives of their land by wars that the Natives were not equipped to fight. Native Americans were forced to move towards the west into uncharted territory and many died on the journey. The American government later made many promises to the Native Americans that were unkept, which had a very troubling effect on their communities. The promises the Unite d States government made to the Native AmericansRead MoreNative American And Native Americans871 Words   |  4 Pages Native Americans have been forced out of their culture over time, forced into assimilation, lost their rights, and have lost their land due to policies and laws by the whites that can’t bear the Native American way of life. There used to be many Native American tribes all throughout North America, and now these tribes are spread across the country and are blended into the rest of the population. The native ways have changed drastically in the last two centuries due to relocation programs, IndianRead MoreNative American And Native Americans1292 Words   |  6 PagesStates, Native Americans are considered to be people whose pre-Columbian ancestors were indigenous to the lands within the nation s modern boundaries. These peoples were composed of numerous distinct tribes, bands, and ethnic groups, and many of these groups survive intact today as sovereign natio ns. The terms Native Americans use to refer to themselves vary regionally and generationally, with many older Native Americans self-identifying as Indians or American Indians, while younger Native AmericansRead MoreNative American And Native Americans1187 Words   |  5 Pagesmany Native American had already been there and the government were building railroads and roads. People rushed to settle in the west to mine for gold. Cities and town along with railroad and roads building at a rapid pace changed the habits of the buffalo. Buffalo were an important symbol in the Native Americans live they used buffalo as their main food source and they use the skin to make clothes and teepee covering , bones for silverware and hunting tools like arrow. The Native Americans makeRead MoreNative American And Native Americans1156 Words   |  5 Pageswith the Native Americans. The whites had different ideas that they wanted to contribute to the country, and the Native Americans wanted to stay lo yal to their cultural traditions. The early people of the United States gradually gained control of the country. This lead to Native Americans being methodically pushed off their land, deceived multiply through a broken treaty, and most of all, not being completely recognized as citizens by the rest of American society. Some of these Native American groupsRead MoreNative American And Native Americans2248 Words   |  9 PagesThe Native Americans, their origin and similarities with Native Finns Native Americans, the first settlers of the Americas arrived to the continent about 15 000 years ago. Crossing a land bridge between Asia and America during the ice age. It was not just one group that spread across the continent, but small groups of migrants for a long time period. The land bridge which the migrants used to cross between the continents does not exist today, but is instead known as the Bering Strait. All of theRead MoreNative American And Native Americans2251 Words   |  10 Pageshistorical evidence, the notion: â€Å"Native –Americans were not the first inhabitant of America is a complete false. For centuries, history kept accurate and vivid account of the first set of people who domiciled the western hemisphere. Judging by that record and evidence, below are the first set of Native-American people who inhabited the western hemisphere, including the new â€Å"America† before the arrival of another human race†¦ The Iroquois: The Iroquois of Nati ve Americans were one of the tribes that livedRead MoreNative American And Native Americans1803 Words   |  8 PagesAmericans have long been fascinated with the imagery and lore of Native Americans. From early historians to Mark Twain to Hollywood, Native Americans have been viewed as savages, aggressors, monotonal in voice, and drunks. Native Americans have had a strong influence on America’s birthplace including environmental issues to the diet and foods we eat. It was not until the arrival of the European settlers that Native Americans faced the deterioration of their civilization and culture. Events ofRead MoreNative American And Native Americans2322 Words   |  10 Pagesago, Native Americans roamed North America. That was until the arrival of the whites lead by Columbus in 1492. The white Americans then began to take as much land as possible, contradict with the native’s customs and tried to take complete control of their lives. Native Americans didn’t believe in owning land- they believed that all of the land was everyone’s to share. So when the white Americans find out none of the land is owned, they take control of the land, and slowly push the Natives out as

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