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Compare And Contrast A Streetcar Named Desire And Death Of...

When she arrives on her sister’s doorstep, the tragic hero of Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche DuBois, is blatantly out of place. However, with no where else to go, the former aristocrat arrives at the home of Stella and her husband Stanley in downtown New Orleans. Once there, Blanche seeks refuge from reality through the acceptance of men. However, Stanley, sees through Blanche’s compulsive lies and investigates her suspicions past. After being confronted and sexually abused Blache’s increasingly disillusioned mental state compels Stella to put her sister in a mental hospital. Willy Loman, the protagonist of Arthur Miller’s play Death of A Salesman, experiences a similar mental deterioration. After an unsuccessful business†¦show more content†¦Miller also is able to use his set design to demonstrate the changes that have occurred. While describing the tone of the stage for the opening act, Miller writes â€Å"an air of the dream clings to the place, a dream rising out of/ reality†(1).Although there is little hope currently in Willy Loman’s life, in the past, Willy and his sons had promising futures. Miller utilizes flashbacks in which characters walk through the walls of the set to reveal how in Willy’s stream of consciousness connects the past with the present. Through flashbacks, it is established that Willy aspires to own his own business. Thus â€Å"the dream† which Miller refers to is likely the American Dream that once seemed achievable but has slip away as the tone of the house becomes darker. Just as her character favors magic over reality, it is Blanche’s desire to uphold the ideals of the Old South above those of the New South which leads to her own downfall while Willy’s relationship with his family becomes strained as he tries futilely to achieve the American Dream. Williams and Miller utilize dialogue to illustrate the class struggle which has emerged due to the change in culture within the setting of both works. When Blanche arrives in New Orleans, her daily routineShow MoreRelatedEssay on Death of a Salesman and Street Car Named Desire4007 Words   |  17 PagesBiff: â€Å"will you take that phony dream and burn it before something happens† Compare how the authors of Death of a salesman and â€Å"street car named desire explore the conflict between truth and illusion Truth and illusion are utilized in Tennessee Williams â€Å"Streetcar Named Desire† and Arthur Millers â€Å"Death of a salesman† through the use of the character; to lead the reader to a possible conclusion on the beliefs that went into the American dream that prompted people to work hard was that americaRead MoreEssay Prompts4057 Words   |  17 Pagesunderstanding of the work as a whole. Avoid mere plot summary. You may select a work from the list below or another novel or play of comparable literary merit. Alias Grace Middlemarch All the King’s Men Moby-Dick Candide Obasan Death of a Salesman Oedipus Rex Doctor Faustus Orlando Don Quixote A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man A Gesture Life Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Ghosts The ScarletRead MoreEssay on 103 American Literature Final Exam5447 Words   |  22 Pagesimportant theories? (A) Many modern neuroses can be traced to the endowment of the individual with too much personal freedom and the modern easing of traditional sexual codes and restrictions. (B) The self is grounded in an â€Å"unconscious,† where forbidden desires, traumas, and unacceptable emotions are stored. (C) Most psychological problems can and should be treated by new medications. (D) Patients should deal with traumatic experiences and their resulting fears by repressing them. Speaking about or analyzing

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