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Emirates Airlines Business Practice in the UAE - 275 Words

Emirates Airlines Business Practice in the UAE (Essay Sample) Content: Emirates Airlines Business Practice in UAESubmitted To:Submitted By:Emirates Airlines Business Practice in UAEIntroductionThe paper identifies the business practices adopted by Emirates Airlines in the UAE and how these business practices were beneficial to the country and played their role in the economic growth of the country. The Emirates Airlines that was established in 1985 under the leadership of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum made enormous growth over the years. The company started with just two airplanes, Boeing 737 and Airbus 300, covered 101 destinations around the world. The paper also evaluates how the growth of Emirates Airlines contributed towards the development of UAE and how it affects their society as a whole. No doubt the company provided best airline services to their customers and facilitated the needs of their customers by offering them in-flight entertainment services. The advantages of Emirates Airlines are highly incredible as passengers ca n easily book their national and international flight through Emirates, book hotels, cars and other facilities at normal costs. Along with advantages, Emirates Airlines has some disadvantages but the management of the airlines is highly committed to overcome the issues of just attracting upper class for their airline services. The costs of their airlines are little higher than other domestic airline which is the matter of concern for their management.Company BackgroundEmirates airlines started their business practices in UAE on the 25th of October 1985 and their business operations started with two aircrafts, including lease based Boeing 737 and Airbus 300 B4. The Emirates Airlines was wholly owned the government of Dubai in United Arab Emirates and their objectives were to provide best airline services to their customers through the UAE government. Emirates Airlines developed and grown as fast growing airlines company in the UAE and now it is listed among the top 100 fast growing a nd emerging global brands. The Emirates Airlines enhanced their business operations with strong leadership of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum who was the Chairman and Chief Executive of the airlines company. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed provided strong leadership to Emirates airlines with the transformation of extending his broader perspectives of the industry. The leadership of Sheikh Ahmed was very dynamic and progressive and Emirates Airlines grown rapidly from the regionally known airline company to globally known airline company (Mehra 2014).How It Benefits the UAE and How its Business Affects UAEBusiness and Investment Environment of UAEThe business and investment environment of UAE was very supportive to various industries. The establishment and growth of UAE is great example of very supportive business and investment environment of UAE that started in the country since the mid-1960s. The oil and gas reserves expanded and enabled the seven states of the UAE to ensure the achievem ent of substantial economic growth in the country. Economic activities in the country enhanced due to positive and business supportive policies of the UAE government. Due to enhanced economic activity of the country, the infrastructure of the UAE improved in the last decades including roads, ports, telecommunications, airports and desalination projects. The commercial and residential facilities improved in the country and economic activity enhanced considerably with the development of new schools, hospitals and establishment of manufacturing industries. The dynamic economic growth of the UAE provided business and investment friendly environment to the Emirates Airlines the company that was started with just two airplanes and started its business operations as a regional airline company expanded its operations and become globally known airlines company operating in the UAE. The economic environment also diversified over the years and the government of Dubai and other states made mass ive investments in the infrastructure and other economic development facilities (Ernst and Young 2011).Business Performance of Emirates AirlinesThe business performance of Emirates Airlines can be observed in three main areas including the revenues generation, the return on investment and the sales of their services in the airline industry. The performance of Emirates Airlines was proved to be consistent over the years and constantly achieved their business goals and played their contribution in economic development of the country (Richard et al. 2009). The organizational performance can be evaluated as the positive growth of an organization when it faces strong competition from its regional and international competitors. Emirates Airlines faced strong competition from their competitors including regional and international airlines. The company continued to grow its business operations throughout the UAE and other destinations worldwide under the leadership of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed . They never compromised on the quality of airlines services to their passengers and it was proved to be their biggest motivation factor to achieve organizational success. The government of Dubai was involved in the development of their airline services to enhance the confidence of local and foreign passengers on their airline services.How Emirates Airlines affects Business Environment of UAEEmirates Airlines of UAE strongly affected the UAE society with world-class airline services provided to their customers at affordable prices. Emirates airlines provided highly luxurious, comfortable and best quality services to their customers traveling with their airline. The company ensured best services to their passengers with in-flight entertainment by realizing the utmost comfort of their customers. The company used Boeing 777 and Airbus A 380 to facilitate the needs of their passengers traveling with them in domestic and international flights. The company always relied on buying world-cl ass aircrafts to provide extraordinary services to their customers in the airline industry. Emirates Airlines also bought 127 aircrafts during 2007 considering the requirements of passengers traveling with them. They also offered most contemporary and latest services to their customers by using aircrafts of age not more than three years. Recently, the company has purchased new fleet of Airbus A340 à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ 500s to enhance the comfort of their customers with extraordinary traveling experience. Due to its expanding operations over the years, the company is operating 1884 flights on weekly basis to cover almost 60 worldwide nations and 101 world famous destinations (Mehra 2014).The Emirates Airlines has offered highly developed and luxurious services to their customers traveling with them in domestic and international flights. People can easily approach and book their reservations with a stopover. The passengers who want to travel with Emirates Airlines can easily book a hotel, car and multi city flights. The comfort, convenience, excellence and ease are the main elements of the Emirates Airlines that are evident in its services to be offered to their loyal customers. The people traveling with Emirates Airlines can also attain dining facilities along with in-flight entertainment, lounges and many more. The goal of the Emirates Airlines was to prepare and make the best traveling experience for their customers traveling with them. The company offered three main classes of traveling to their customers including first class, economy class and business class services (Anand 2012).Advantages and Disadvanta...

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